adam lippes

new sketches for Adam Lippes fall & spring '09

fall '09

spring '09

i really like working with them since my friend peter is a designer there. ironically it takes a lot of drafts to achieve that loose, sketchy look. but i like how these are minimal with barely there painting. i get really sad when i have to paint them haha
i love line drawing too much. it is my favorite stage.

Etcetera holiday 09

new sketches for Carlisle/ Etcetera holiday.

i love how they use fashion illustration instead of photography for their look books. their clients really respond to the drawings i guess because they have more personality than photos? regardless its great to know that fashion illustration is still out there in demand.

i usually have to do about 160+ figures in 3 weeks and while its whole lot of work, i still manage to have fun with them. since i have photographer friends in fashion, i won't say i hope fashion illustration takes over fashion photography but it would be cool if it did ^~^