adam lippes

new sketches for Adam Lippes fall & spring '09

fall '09

spring '09

i really like working with them since my friend peter is a designer there. ironically it takes a lot of drafts to achieve that loose, sketchy look. but i like how these are minimal with barely there painting. i get really sad when i have to paint them haha
i love line drawing too much. it is my favorite stage.

Etcetera holiday 09

new sketches for Carlisle/ Etcetera holiday.

i love how they use fashion illustration instead of photography for their look books. their clients really respond to the drawings i guess because they have more personality than photos? regardless its great to know that fashion illustration is still out there in demand.

i usually have to do about 160+ figures in 3 weeks and while its whole lot of work, i still manage to have fun with them. since i have photographer friends in fashion, i won't say i hope fashion illustration takes over fashion photography but it would be cool if it did ^~^


junya watanabe

one of my favorites from last fall


Planet B-boy viral shoot

just wrapped up my first stylist job for PLANET B-BOY.
it was for a viral clip for Southpole and their support for Planet B-boy. The short was directed by Benson and it revolves around the battle of the sexes b-boy/b-girl style.
Along with the responsibility to make the dancers look legit in Southpole gear, we ran into some challenges and I ended up designing some pieces for the shoot. (big Thank U to Joe @SP) It was my first time venturing into the b-boy style and it was definitely a learning experience but it has become something i would love to further explore. and it was definitely a treat to be part of something that will forever be recorded and watched by many continuously.
check out the 30 sec clip on the Planet B-boy DVD coming out in Oct! YO BUY IT NOW~

b-girls Bounce & Candy with poser b-girl meeeee

cast & crew shot (soho)
[pictured from top left:
Johnny "Character", Will Au,
Ehprat "Bounce", Benson Lee, me, Hiroo's assistant, makeup assistant, Hiroo, Angeliq, Johnny Lee, Alice, James Kim, Charlie Shin,
Kara davis, Candy, Cricket, & Miri Park]

check out PLANET B-BOY trailer:


"the best ideas are always very basic and very stupid"

Being stuck in sweltering miami, i have found refuge in karl's imagination.

"And what would Coco think of what you've done?"

karl: (nano-second later) "i dont care because i've never met her and i'm interested in Coco when she was changing fashion not when she was an overstablished old lady who was against mini-skirts and pants for women. That i am not interested in, thats how she got out of fashion..." o'shiet...

i also found this parisian mini-series on karl lagerfeld and the making of his 2005 chanel haute couture collection, 1 in 9 of the chanel collections! oldie but a pleasant goodie for me


karl actually sketches the whole couture collection himself! HOW REFRESHING!


girls and crayons

i <3 julie verhoeven


benjamin bixby

in the studio w/ André,
working on his new
menswear line
"benjamin bixby"

pics from the 'collection unveiling' to buyers and press~ by Prop designers Kenyan & his assistant Chris. amazing guys!
*photo credit fashionfools blog


"Conformista, Il" (1970) (The Conformist)

Vittorio Storaro, such a shame i was not aware of his work much sooner. would have come in handy when i was at school! so perfectly shot, composed & stylish, it gives me a headache...but in a VERY GOOD way!


UB spring '08

new united bamboo ad!
i was up all weekend sewing those pillows!

reminded me of parsons senior year thesis...

....haunting but still weirdly bittersweet.


united bamboo fall 08

just wrapped up United Bamboo's fall '08 collection working on mostly the menswear and some of the editorial pieces. i think i would have styled them a bit differently but i'm still happy with the way the individual pieces came out. and it was def exciting seeing alot the sketches come to life~


kenneth capello

4 music music music mag